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Ragdolls looking for their forever home.

We often have many ragdolls looking for their forever homes due to a range of circumstances.

We ensure that all of the cats in our care looking for adoption are neutered/spayed (we do not and will not allow cats to leave our care unsprayed or unneutered)

Fully vaccinated if appropriate. (some cats have severe reaction to vaccines) 

Healthy and on an appropriate diet.

Our adoption fee is £175.00, for older cats this fee will be lower.

Occasionally we also have golden oldies in our care, looking for forever foster homes. Please call if you would like to know more.

We do not allow single cats to go to homes where they will be alone all day. Ragdolls are extremely sociable and do not do well left alone for very long periods.

If for any reason you are no longer able to keep your ragdoll, they MUST come back to the care of the rescue.

Below you will see the cats looking for new homes.


During this time we will assist with emergencies only, we do not and will not rehome cats during the Christmas period.


Monty is a bi colour young Ragdoll

Due to family circimstances, he needs a new home. He is in South Leicester.

Monty is neutered and vaccinated.

He is best as an only pet and would suit an older family.

If you can offer him a home, please contact [email protected]


Barbara is a blue colourpoint Ragdoll.

She is neutered and fully vaccinated. Due to family circumstances, she is looking for a new home.

Barbara is in East Yorkshire.

She must be kept completely indoors. She is 5 years old.

If you are interested in offering her a forever home, where she will be the only pet and no small children, please contact Alison on 01543 426621 [email protected]


Coco is a 15 month old neutered male he is a red microchipped & vaccinated.

Due to changes in the family circumstances they can not care for him any more.

He needs a home with a totally safe and secure garden he loves his garden but never left out on his own.

We are looking for an animal loving person for him maybe that have a dog or one other cat, preferably someone who owns or has owned a Ragdoll Cat.

 He is a very affectionate boy loves his humans he lives cuddles and playing with his toys

Coco thinks he is a dog plays fetch he walks around with you unfortunately due to changes his owners are unable to give him

The attention he needs if you feel you could offer this boy the home he needs please contact

Dawn. 01442381509 email [email protected]

Coco is in London


Ben is one years old. He is quite shy when meeting new people having spent all of his life with his current owner. Ben is an indoor cat and has never been outside of his home. Ben is playful to the point of being a little mischievous at times.

He is a big boy but his owner being an older person finds it hard to care for him and feels he needs a younger home.

Ben likes to sit on the window seal and look out. Ben also likes laying across the fire hearth. Ben likes anything that flaps and he has a box of toys that he sorts out, he takes his favourite toys to bed and likes to play ball and fetch. Ben will bring the ball back to you. Ben has started to sleep more in the day time but is really active from 8pm until bed time. Ben has to be kept on dry food.

Ben is a constant companion following his owner around from room to room.

Ben is now in care with Ragdoll-rescue

If you would like to know more about Ben

Please contact Dawn after 19th June [email protected] 01442381509


Verny is a blue colourpoint neutered male 3 years old

Due to lots of changes in his home unfortunately his owner has to find him a new home

He is microchipped he must have access to a safe and secure garden he would be okay with

Another cat but not dogs he is fine with children 7 plus he loves his scratch post and toys

The family are heartbroken at having to let him go, a home where he can share his life with someone

and be loved and cared for and a lovely garden to play in and lay in the sun

If you think you could be the person please contact

Dawn 0144238150* email [email protected] he is in the south