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Ragdolls looking for their forever home.

We often have many ragdolls looking for their forever homes due to a range of circumstances.

We ensure that all of the cats in our care looking for adoption are neutered/spayed (we do not and will not allow cats to leave our care un-spayed or un-neutered)

Fully vaccinated if appropriate. (some cats have severe reaction to vaccines) 

Healthy and on an appropriate diet.

Our adoption fee is £175.00.


We are receiving a lot of calls for third party adoptions. Please note, if you wish to adopt a Ragdoll from us, its the person wishing to adopt that we need to speak too. We appreciate this may not always be possible. However, we have the interest of the Cats in our care at heart always. If we are unable to speak to the person wishing to adopt, we may refuse to assist.


Hugo is a lovely 3.5 year old cream Ragdoll/ He is very affectionate, healthy and litter trained. He is being bullied by another pet in the house, which is making Hugo very unhappy.

He needs a home as an only pet with no small children and preferably someone who is home a lot.

He is fully vaccinated and a very lovely young man.

Please contact Dawn on 01442 381509

[email protected]

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Cookie & Teddy

These lovely boys are 12 years old. They are both very healthy and fully vaccinated. 

They are looking for a home together, with someone who has plenty of time and love to give. 

No other pets or young children please. 

Contact Dawn. 01442 381509

[email protected]


Alfie is a seal colourpoint Ragdoll. He is 9 years old.

He is up to date with jabs. He has just had a some teeth removed but eats absolutely fine. Never been in contact with cats dogs or kids. Is indoor mostly but goes into the garden because we know it is safe and secure.

He is a loving cat and likes nothing better than snuggling with us on the sofa. 

He needs a home with a secure garden. NO children or other pets.

Alfie is in Berkshire

Please contact Dawn

01442 381509

[email protected]


Alfie is 6, he is a blue colour point. He is an outdoor cat but very skittish, he must have access to a totally secure garden, or a very rural home. NO estates or near busy roads, as he HAS to go out, he likes female company and quiet, he ideally needs to be the only pet in the house. He is now living upstairs in the house as its too noisy downstairs and he deserves so much more than I can give him as he loves to be stroked and groomed on his terms, he walks off when he's had enough and I truly believe he would be happier in a home that can give him more attention.

He is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and is treated with Advocate on a monthly basis.

Oscar & Lola

Oscar is a Blue Colourpointed Ragdoll, he is 11 years old.

Lola is a Seal colourpointed Ragdoll and she is 12.

Oscar is a very friendly boy and loves a lap to lie on. 

Lola likes ti lie next to you and a little shy with strangers. She does not like loud noises or a noisy environment.

Lola does not have any teeth, she has no problems with eating at all. She does need to be groomed regular.

Lola and Oscar are inseparable.

They are indoor cats, however, they have been in a secure garden.

They are both neutered and up to date with vaccines.

They need a home where someone will be around a lot. No children under 5.

They need someone who will love them unconditionally and where their retirement years will be happy ones.

Please call dawn on 01442 381509

[email protected]